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Today marks yet another achievement and impressive release by Omega for its second SpeedyTuesday special edition.

Omega released a rerun of its 1967 Moonwatch previously appearing in the Japanese series ” Return of Ultra Man”.. this time in a limited edition of 2012 pieces.

I first saw the release on Instagram and quickly decided to book myself one before I go through the SOLD OUT page announcement. Luckily, I was able to alert my Arab Watch Club members to go book theirs as well and also informed my followers on Instagram to do so if they are interested in the story behind this special edition.

To be honest, I saw the picture first, booked the watch second and then read all about it later 🙂 and I am sure many of you did the same. I had the same encounter when I bought last year’s SpeedyTuesday release and never regretted it.

So what’s so special About this edition?

Apart from the beautiful orange seconds hand and the tiny orange indexes on the dial, Omega decided to color the chronograph sub-dial at 3 o’clock in Orange for 3min – the type Ultra Man can stay as a Superhero.

Another superb addition on the dial is actually only visible in UV – at 9 o’clock, Ultra Man face appears in the sundial in the dark.

The case back is also mesmerizing, with “SpeedyTuesday” engraved at the bottom and “The First Watch Worn On the Moon” inside.

I have been closely monitoring the booking page of the Omega website and the speed at which those 2012 watches have been booked is impressive. I believe if not mistaken in less than an hour, all numbers have been booked as I tried to book another one as a test and the page stopped loading and I kept getting the message ” All numbers are reserved but there is still a chance to obtain a number by subscribing to our waiting list”

For a brand to have that much influence and loyal followers to sell out in less than an hour online is quiet an achievement in today’s extremely competitive market in the price range of this Omega which was around AED 23,000 (inc VAT) – ~CHF 6,300.

Stay tuned for more information, once I get the watch on my wrist!!


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