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On Tuesday evening, November 19th, 2019, the Arab Watch Club hosted an intimate gathering with the team from Grand Seiko Japan and Al Futtaim Group.

Over 35 private collectors attended the evening showcasing the latest of the brand and also sharing some very insightful knowledge from the heart of Japan.

Mr Hirota, Chief Editor of Chronos Japan attended the evening and conducted a presentation about his passion to Grand Seiko collecting and shared his own experience and compassion of Japanese watchmaking versus Swiss.

Several members from the Grand Seiko team flew in from Japan to attend the event and also we were privileged to have one of their top watchmakers demonstrating how the Spring drive movement operates and why is it so efficient in precision.

As part of the exclusivity of the event was the appearance of 2 very special Credor watches that we don’t get the chance to see in the UAE as these watches are made per order and also very highly valued among collectors and the brand.

Many watch models have been shared during the evening, however the star of  the night was the Limited edition SBGH269 in red dial – such a mesmerizing piece and you can find the entire review in our previous post here.

This was the first time that the Grand Seiko team from Japan has done such an event with collectors in the UAE in such a closed format connecting to the collectors in person and also getting to know their likes and dislikes about the brand.

It was an occasion to expand the reach and awareness of the brand among the region as many of the collectors attending were coming from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as well as the UAE of course.





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