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Discover a collaboration of creativity, cultural fusion and the elegance of Arabic heritage

Bil Arabi, the renowned homegrown jewelry brand, proudly announces its latest collaboration with the visionary founder of Arab Watch Guide, Hassan Akhras. Together, they introduce ZAMAN, a sterling silver cuff exuding timeless sophistication.

The newest addition to the brand’s distinguished men’s collection, ZAMAN is not merely jewelry; it is a testament to the value of time. Inspired by the very essence of a watch, this exceptional piece features design elements found within the watch mechanism, from gears and pinions to angular features of the bezel. Engraved within the cuff is a poignant quote, “الوقت أغلى ما يملكه الإنسان,” translating to “time is the most valuable asset that a person possesses.” These profound words, originating from HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, encapsulates the ethos of the collaboration and emphasizes the importance of embracing positivity while cherishing every moment.

ZAMAN will be officially unveiled on May 23, 2024 during “The World of Bil Arabi by Nadine Kanso” exhibition at the Mercedes-Benz Brand Center in Dubai Design District. Guests will have the exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in the meticulous craftsmanship of the collection, alongside a captivating array of creations by Founder and Creative Director of Bil Arabi, Nadine Kanso.

The ZAMAN collection will be available for purchase in two options: the singular enamel wheel cuff priced at AED 2,950 or the Duo set, featuring two enamel wheel cuffs priced at AED 3,200.

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