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This February, we have embarked on a journey to Jabal Akhdar with our friends from The SuperCarMajlis club and Roger Dubuis.

35 Supercars gathered in front of the Crown Plaza in Festival City to start the road trip heading towards Muscat to meet our fellow SupercarMajlis Oman members and continue the journey to Jabal Akhdar.

Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mclarens, GT2RS.. you name it you got it; the line up of supercars was impressive and we were there ourselves with our own GT2rS and Aventador S for the Roger Dubuis Team. Of course, I was wearing the latest addition to the Excalibur line up: the Excalibur Huracan and my friend was rocking the ever dashing Excalibur Huracan Performante Boutique edition limited to 88 pieces only.

The watch comes in a Titanium 45mm case with a tilted 12 degrees balance wheel in an automatic in-house calibre. The dial is inspired by the Huracan peformante air intakes; the crown looks like the wheel but with winglets; the date window hexagonal, all wrapped up in a  grey/yellow accents across the bezel, the strap and hands.

Our first stop was in Muscat new Kempinski Hotel – the cars arrived around 7pm with a ready car wash service waiting for us at the parking. I have to take some credit for delaying the crew at the borders since we had to wait for about 2 hours to process my visa entry to Muscat. Luckily I wasn’t the only “foreigner” among the 50 cars, so I took partial blame for the delay.

The next day, we gathered around in a spectacular line up with a stunning aerial view of the hotel entrance decorated by all these beautiful cars. Our next destination was Jabal Akhdar driving through the scenic curvy mountain roads – However, we needed a special permission to be able to access those roads with 50 supercars all together – thankfully our friends in SCM Oman were here to help.

I believe we had only one lunch stop where we allowed the drivers to rest a little bit 🙂 but also for the many car bloggers and vloggers to create some interesting content. I took the chance to scout the watches on the wrists of the 50 participants noticing some RMs here and there, many smartwatches to my surprise from Apple, Tag Heuer… Roger Dubuis was well represented with 2 Excalibur Huracan, a Excalibur automatic in carbon and the latest UAE special Edition Excalibur.

Few hours later and we have reached our destination in Jabal Akhdar checking in the mesmerizing Anantara Resort. What a sight- the entire mountain seemed to belong to us – the resort was overtaken by the SCM participants and the festivities being prepared for our award dinner on the Terrace of the hotel. One simple issue: it was freezing cold! My suitcase was in our accompanying car! and I had nothing on me but my t-shirt and a vest!!! Help!!! Luckily, the car arrived to the hotel later on around 7pm right before dinner, so I had enough time to change to warmer clothes (although frankly I haven’t packed for such temperature).

Why do I like award cocktails/dinners? well you always end up getting some awesome gifts 🙂 and that’s exactly what happened. Roger Dubuis had a few giveaways for everyone, whilst the SCM team had also prepared a very cool goodie bag with wireless charges, universal charges, car toolkit… felt like Christmas again!!

The next day, we had to leave that wonderful resort early in the morning to ride through the dangerous roads of Jabal Al Hat heading back to Muscat for our last night in Oman. The cars were ready and geared up and we had to do one watch check first before leaving the premises 🙂

The roads were clear and the drive was just perfect -all the cars were at their best behavior with a bit of living La Vida Loca on some curves here and there just to test the cars performances and also our adrenaline. All in all the scenery going back to Muscat was – for me – way better than the way up to the mountains.

I must admit the best part of this 3 days trip was catching up with a lot of car enthusiasts that also have a lot of interest in the watch world but need some direction; discussing engines, motors, mechanical watches, watch/car affiliations and the synergies in both worlds. Lot of photo shooting and content created in the many astonishing locations across Oman- some wonderful videos were produced by our friends on SuperCarMajlis instagram account – check them out @supercarmajlis.

Here are some of my own Roger Dubuis shots I created during the trip for you to indulge in :)… stay tuned for our next SCM drive somewhere in the GCC!!


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