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There are several artist popping up recently on social media that are using their artistic talent to create very interesting and appealing art pieces mostly based on our Horology world and its trends today.

We are always on the lookout for those artists all across the globe and we always appreciate their craft be it painting, fashion, visual, music, accessories… any medium that involves creativity and talent bundled with Horology.

Today we are talking with Alex Eisenzammer, aka The Watchoniste who has been on our radar for quite sometime and we are even working on few pieces together for out Auction site.. to be released soon.

So let’s explore together who is The Watchoniste?

1- How did the passion begin ? And why watches?

It all started from a simple idea; I collected my first cool Omega and wanted to keep it even if I decided to sell it one day… A picture would have been too simple; so I decided to paint it instead and make a better souvenir of it. Something I could even put on my wall and enjoy it forever.
Watches? It went all alone to me, since my first salary which went in a brand new Longines Legend Diver.

2- Where did the name come from?

It’s a fun mix of watch (obviously) and « cartoonist » and since I’m french, I kept the “E” at the end to make it a bit more frenchie 🙂

 3- Are you only focused on Social Media to advertise and connect to your clients?

For now, yes! Since it was a hobby until now I had to deal with my professional life too and didn’t want to have too many requests. However looking at how things are growing, I want to make it my full time business and will have to expand my web presence and different offerings

4- How do you pick your artwork pieces? What inspires you?

It often depends on the person who is commissioning the art piece – his taste  matters – I try to make the best of what he wants and what could look the best. Everyday life and my personal taste often guide me through my art and inspire me to create the different pieces as unique.

 5- How did you learn your craft?

All by myself, I made some art studies when I was young and then worked a bit with my mother who did some art with paint. I found my way with the digital tools we have nowadays and worked more and more with that. With time and experience I evolved and keep learning always.

 6- are you also a watch collector?

Of course! Always looking for the next one! it is a passion that never ends.

7- Will you stay focused on watch related artwork in the future? Any plans to expand beyond?

Well, I can draw « everything » with more or less talent, but for now I just had one different request, a Saxophone…I think i did well! Let’s see what 2020 will bring and how the requests will look like in the future.

8- How do you best describe your type of work and art?

Digital and funky art, colorful and always bespoke.

9- Which markets responded the most positively to your work?

To be honest, kind of all over the world, I have customers in Singapore/Jakarta/Netherlands/Australia/Kuwait/USA and France of course.

10- How long does an artwork take usually and what determines the pricing and variations?

Usually, the average time per drawing is around 30 hours, depending on the project (some backgrounds are hard and long to draw or some watches like open hearted pieces are full of details).

The hardest is to keep your « magic touch » in every project, because a picture will always be better than a painting if you just want to « copy » but when you can add your little twist…it gives it that little extra.


Well champs, here is all you need to know about @watchoniste and stay tuned for a very special piece we are working on together for the Auction Site… very soon.

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