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Happy Saturday everyone!! Today, we are sitting with Faisal Bin Laden from KSA who is a great car collector and a watch aficionado. I met Faisal last year in one of his events organized by his organization called Velocity. The event was about cars, watches and luxury and I discovered at that time his passion for both.

So i decide to dig deep into the mind of Faisal and get you some insights right from the man himself.

What fuels your collecting desire whether for cars or watches? And are they different?

I think it started when I was young, seeing my father collecting pens, cars, and some watches. The passion passed on through the genes or just having my father as an idol made me like and love what he liked and loved as well.

I also believe that it is changing, what I used to collect in the past is not the same now. I have a passion for mechanical things, wether its a complicated mechanical object or a simple knife that is machined in a way that is magnificent

When did you start collecting cars? What was your first car? Whats your favourite brand?

Started when I was born, my father gifted me a car that I still have! A Cheverolete Celebrity Gazal it was an inspiration of a 1930’s designs.

When did u get into watches? Why? What was your first watch?

My first watch was a Swatch, a very tiny one! All have sentimental value to me personally and that’s why I have them. I wouldn’t say I’m a watch collector, but more of a sentimental collector! If that’s a thing

What do you think of all the current car/watch brands collaborations? Any Favourite collaboration?

I love it.

AMG with IWC, McLaren with Richard Mille, Bentley and Breitling.

My favourite isn’t any of them. When the McLaren MP4-12C came out, TAG who then was a McLaren sponsor did a watch and it was very exciting.

It is what I want from a watch. Simple elegant and sporty. I truly hope they come up with amazing new ideas of showing what is possible

Do you think car and watch collectors think the same way in terms of collecting?

Well yes! But with cars you’ll run out of storage!! With watches its a lot harder to run out of storage!!

Are car collectors the right target for the watch brands signing up all collaborations with car brands (eg. Ferrari Hublot, Roger Dubuis Lamborghini, RM Mclaren…? Are really those watch buyers the same as the car buyers?

I think some of them are. But its a dream of a lifestyle they are trying to sell. I don’t think they are learning from each other to make something magical.

How do you see watch collecting in Saudi? What do collectors look for? Are their habits similar to other GCC countries?

I think they are all the same around the world. All are looking for something very limited and rare.
I want to see a story of how the watch was made! What was the inspiration, and that story would be epic if it was from the region! I just wonder if any of the watch brands did something from the inspiration of the empty quarter, or Petra….

Do you think brands need to change strategies to penetrate saudi market? What s important to look for?

They need to think of Saudi as a market not as a cash cow! If they invest in the market and the education of the brand in Saudi that will help the market mature and become as strong as they see it
Very few people know why is a watch that expensive, and appreciated it! Most just buy it because its the next big thing.

What are your favourite watch brands?

Bremont, and Unimatic have to be the top two simply for sentimental reasons.

Any holy grail u are eager to get?

I want to make my own watch design.




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