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Our 15th Special Edition – the new Holthinrich “الحكمة”

In 2021 – we embarked in a new adventure with a brand – Holthinrich- that has been gaining a lot of momentum among the avid collectors in our region and the aficionados who are looking for something special to add to their collection

When we first approach Michiel to start brainstorming on a unique project, we wanted the brief to be very much influenced by our heritage, Arabic culture and strong nuances we have picked up from our local architecture, design and calligraphy.

The idea of the “الحكمة” project was to produce a very limited edition not more than 10 pieces to be offered to hand picked collectors that appreciate the art of combining new technology and modern design with local heritage – hence the result is our first unique edition with Holthinrich

The Dial Concept

The whole focus of the dial is the remarkably unique and captivating hand set. These hands will be produced by forming stainless steel and giving them a brushed finish to make them “pop” off the dial and take command, demanding attention like a famous actor on centre stage.

The supporting role of the dial background can not be underestimated. The green oxidized titanium colour scheme that is formed on a subtle relief based on the mashrabiya pattern offers a two dimensional pattern that provides an additional light play and charm.

The frosted finish on the dial surface brings a sense of romance and refinement to the overall aesthetic. Further to this there is a subtle but dramatic reference to the “15” market at 3 O’clock. The mashrabiya pattern is carefully positioned to present “15” in one of the stars.

The final feature of the dial is the delicate pad printing of the minute and seconds tracks with provides contrast and balance.

The Movement 

We are using latest movement finishing specifically for this collaboration – the finishing on the bridges includes the signature bridge design and clearly highlight the elevated edge of the plates with a contrasting polished bevels. In the higher end finishes the screw holes will be polished and create inward angles to highlight black polished screws.

The true highlight of this movement finish will be the appearance of the mashrabiya pattern on the plates between the embossed edges. There will be more depth and character to this unique casebook design – Finished with 14k gold plating.

3D printed Case

We will add a few words in Arabic along the cavity of the case with the name of each owner – the size of the case is 38mm and is made of Surgical steel 316L

The Hands

The most important feature on this design will be the hands expressly created for this project. The hands are cut out of extra thick hard en rust resistant spring steel with a satin brushed top finish and selectively bevelled by hand to make them stand out and to reflect the contrasting surfaces of the 3D printed case of the watch.


The watch has been pre-booked and is now in production with planned delivery by Dec 2021 – SHop

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